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The Caligraphies of Lajos Szabó (1902-1967) from the Years 1955 and 1956

Exhibitions of Lajos Szabó

1955  Budapest, studio exhibition of the first calligraphies

1956  Budapest, studio exhibition

1957  Brussels, Palais des Beaux Arts: Peintres Hongrois, Lajos Vajda,  Lajos Szabó, André Bálint, Attila Kotányi, Lyubomir Szabó

1959  Brussels, Palais des Beaux Arts

1960  Brussels, Galerie Ptah: Louis Szabo

1960  Hamburg, Haus der Begegnung

1960  Dortmund, Fritz-Henßler-Haus

1960  Berlin, Kongresshalle

1961  Düsseldorf, Galerie Strake

1962  Hagen, Karl-Ernst-Osthaus-Museum: Louis Szabo, Zeichnerische Meditationen-Physiognomische Studien

1980  Budapest, Club of Young Artists: Lajos Szabó, An Introduction and a Selection from calligraphies created in the years 1954-1956

1994  Abbey of Pannonhalma, Hungary

1997  Budapest, Ernst Múzeum: Die spekulativen grafischen Bildschriften von Lajos Szabó (1902-1967)

1998  Düsseldorf, City Museum: Die spekulativen grafischen Bildschriften von Lajos Szabó (1902-1967)

2011  Eger, Hungary, Ars GEometrica Galéria

2011  Budapest, 2B Galéria, Presence-of Mind Calligraphies, 1957-1967